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This French Doctor MD here shares his 20 years' research into using acupressure to treat psychological disorders such as depression and fear -  and hence some of the physical conditions these might underlie -  (for example - weight gain, back-pain, and insomnia). "Psycho-Bio-Acupressure" is fully explained in this very clear, user-friendly guide in which you will learn how to activate specific acupressure points in the body to create a circuit of healing energy. Dr Delatte describes the ten most commonly used points, giving  a further twelve to treat additional conditions - (for example to restore thyroid function). He outlines a daily self-treatment regime to combat stress and to take control of your emotions as well as to protect and enhance your health. He also describes how to use this technique alongside homeopathy and Bach Flower remedies, thereby enhancing its benefits. Remarkably comprehensive, clear and useful self-help - or adjunctive treatment guide for therapists such as flower practitioners, homeopaths, and psychotherapists.

ISBN: 9781594774959
Author: P-N. Delatte MD

sku: bk1903