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Flower Essences For Animals

sku: BK1930

Powerfully helpful, uplifting and transformative, these Spirit-In-Nature flower essences from California have been developed and researched since the seventies. Initially interpreted by Paramhansa Yogananda, twenty individual essences were created and further developed using the blossoms of various fruits and vegetables (eg: peach, cherry, tomato), employing the sun/ flower/ water method pioneered by Edward Bach.
This book, the companion to "The Flower Essence Handbook", (BK1929), illustrates how amazingly  responsive animals are to these miraculous essences. The author examines different species according to themes. For example, the energetically playful ferret may need Corn and /or Cherry essence when a little off-colour. Pear is brilliant  for shock and trauma - even restoring birds who have flown into windows, who would normally die from concussion, blood-loss and shock within seconds -  revitalising them after a few drops on their beaks! Blackberry will assist elderly felines unable to groom themselves, or animals who compulsively self-groom after injury or stress. Each essence is described in detail with reference to its animal counterpart - the human owner so often needing an essence too - if not the same one! The author's own observations about animal behaviour, so frequently misinterpreted by humans, show how even the most unpromising background: neglect and ignorance from humans; distress, anger and aggression from the abused animal, can be transformed for the better under the influence of the right essence.
Inspiring, practical and heart-warming. All essences are stocked by Helios. Click here.

ISBN: 9781565891005
Author: L. Devi