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Food  Is Better Medicine Than  Drugs

sku: bk1570

The harm wreaked by drugs - from Anti-Depressants, to Steroids - together with their socio-economic impact & the politics behind their vast over-prescription - is examined in detail.

In Contrast to this dire scenario are the foods & supplements that help in a range of conditions as diverse as Arthritis, Diabetes, Menopause, Memory Loss, Depression, Heart Disease, Learning Problems & many others.

The author/s map out the 6 key areas whose proper functioning are vital to ones overall health and well-being; they incorporate questionnaires for self-testing, and explain which foods and supplements are best for the afflicted system/s in question.
Read this, and avoid getting sick.

Very clear and useful account by a well-known nutritionist and award-winning medical journalist.

ISBN: 9780749927974
Author: P Holford & J Burne