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From Cave To Computer

sku: BK1877

Entertainingly written and extremely interesting, this book will take you on a conducted tour of the homeopathic miasms through the development and history of mankind. Diet, lifestyle and religion all play their part - underlying and reflecting the miasms they inhabit. Positive miasmatic traits are examined, and their role in balancing others highlighted - a feature rarely explored in other texts; for example, "Syphilis helps to discipline Sycotic traits. And Sycosis helps to liberate us from Syphilitic chains". Relating the miasms, and the behaviours they engender, to our massively unhealthy western diet and lifestyles, she concludes with a strategy to help manage patients shed their toxic overload of ill health. Thought-provoking and illuminating.

ISBN: 9781874581727
Author: M. Jevtic