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Gentle Sleep (Yellow) 100ml Aura Spray Orchid Essence

sku: orch8

With oils of Chamomile, Clary Sage, Lemon & Orange.  These days, especially in the UK, disturbed sleep has become a major issue for many. Electromagnetic pollution such as mobile phone masts, cordless phones in houses and offices, and wireless internet “hotspots” all contribute to erratic sleep patterns. In the UK by far the worst source of sleep disruption is the national network of Tetra masts for the police. These masts broadcast at a frequency (17.6 hz) basically the same as our waking state brainwave pattern. This “electro-caffiene” is broadcast 24 hours a day throughout the year, across England, Wales & Scotland. Gentle Sleep aura spray has been created to help address this government-funded assault on our sleep patterns. Gentle Sleep helps one to achieve a deeper and more relaxed sleep; it also helps one to more fully recall one’s dreams when waking. For the fullest effect we recommend also using the Gentle Sleep drops at night, and our essence Being in Time each morning.

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