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Green Essence 15ml Australian Bush Essence (Companion Essence)

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The Green Essence is made, not from the flowers, but rather the stems and leaves of traditional, fresh, green herbs, using the same method we use to make our Flower Essences. It is used to harmonise any internal yeast, mould and parasites to the same vibration as one’s body. It should be taken orally for a minimum two week period, five drops 3 times a day, five minutes before meals

Green Essence can also be used topically on the skin. Place seven drops of Green Essence in a dessert bowl of water, splash on the affected area and allow to dry. Do this morning and night for two weeks. You will need to make a fresh batch every two days. You can also douche if necessary with Green Essence. This is most effectively done morning and night for a two week period. We recommend not using Green Essence externally at the same time as it is taken internally

Negative Condition emotional distress associated with intestinal and skin disorders,

Positive Outcome harmonises the vibration of any yeast, mould or parasite to one's own vibration, purifying,