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Green-Eyed Goblin (The)

sku: BK2141

Deep inside everyone a little goblin lies sleeping. When he wakes up, his eyes turn green, his nose grows and he starts to breathe a smelly green mist.
This is the story of the wakening of a green-eyed goblin. When Theo sees his sister getting lots of attention for her birthday, his sleeping goblin wakes and he can't seem to stop himself from saying all the horrid things the nasty goblin's green mist is making him think. Will Theo learn how to send his Green-Eyed Goblin back to sleep in time for the party?
This fun, illustrated storybook will help children to understand and cope with feelings of jealousy. Suitable for all children, including those on the Autism Spectrum.

ISBN: 9781785920912
Author: K. Al-Ghani