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Hair Wonder Hair Repair Volumiser 150ml

sku: hairw3

Spray with nutrient minerals that equalise vulnerable spots and structure differences in the hair. The hair becomes smooth, shiny and regains it natural volume.

Fluid Hair Volumiser with keratin, henna and vitamins regenerates all hair types. Revitalises and improves the texture of the hair and adds volume and strength. The unique formula penetrates the hair shaft repairing the hair from within filling damaged and porous parts, while adding volume and strength at the same time.

Hairwonder products provide healthier hair with more shine. The addition of glycoside enhances the ingredients to be absorbed by the hair completely. Phytantriol takes care of an optimal conditioning which repairs and nurtures the hair. Vitamin E gives the hair extra protection against all external influences. Even after a couple of usages you can clearly see and feel the difference.

Spray generously on towel dried hair and comb through. Blow dry for super volume.