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Fascinating account of two lives devoted to the art of healing: Hahnemann's and that of the author's father, William Lilley. In it, he describes how homeopathy encompasses and informs his father's own remarkable spiritual philosophy and homeopathic practice; the extraordinary feats of healing he witnessed - as well as the prejudiced views of those entrenched within the medical orthodoxy of the time/s. Two lives in parallel yet some 200 years apart. Much more than just a simple account, it explores the deep divide between orthodox religion and the humane spiritual philosophy embraced by the spiritualist movement as practised in the thirties by gifted Mediums such as Grace Cooke (White Eagle) and Maurice Barbanell (Silver Birch); he shows how medical orthodoxy at its blinkered, hierarchical worst, is a caricature recognisable in the dogma of many organised religions, and he demonstrates the far-reaching achievements of two remarkable men in withstanding and outfacing the fiercest of critical attacks, and their compassionate, disinterested legacy of true healing through the shining examples of their own lives. Very well written, clear, and with a lot of biographical interest from the author's own life - in which he is so powerfully inspired by his  father's influence, spiritual guides, and, of course - the great old man of homeopathy himself - Hahnemann!  En route, he explores the evolution and history of homeopathy, touching on figures such as Paracelsus and Galen. This will appeal to anyone interested in the background of homeopathy and / or healing -  seasoned practitioner or complete novice and would make a lovely gift.

ISBN: 9781908127051
Author: D. Lilley

sku: bk1924