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Homeopathic Approach To Cancer

sku: bk270

Dr Ramakrishnan has been treating cancer using homoeopathy for many years - evolving a particular method, ( viz: repeated use of organ-specific remedies, plus the appropiate nosode). This has yielded quite spectacular results - as the many cases outlined in the book show. Using this method, his success rate in treating the various forms of cancer dramatically improved (eg: from 47% to 80% in the case of prostate cancer). Tables demonstrating these results are incorporated in the text. Most cases were treated alongside orthodox methods - and in all cases patients were encouraged to consult regularly with an oncologist, (though not all complied).There are also chapters on the treatment of pre-cancerous conditions - such as positive smear tests; the management of pain relief in terminal cancer, and the use of classical homoeopathy alongside his method. Over 100 cases are examined - with treatment regimes and follow-up results. A real gift to homoeopathy and the world. It's not that complex - so try it and see.

ISBN: 1576261557
Author: Dr. A. Ramakrishnan / C. Coulter