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Homeopathic Proving Cling Film

sku: bk1757

An interesting, and inclusive, homoeopathic proving - accessible to the interested lay-person who might wish to know what a proving is! Refreshingly jargon-free. This substance of our Era, which could arguably be described as the Plastic Age, conveys a number of themes extremely relevant to modern times. These include, for example: eating disorders and a dislike of ones own physical body ; self-harming, wearing a protective mask, and numerous relationship / family problems centred on not being able to express ones inner authentic self or voice. There is a most interesting analysis of the Cinderella story - linking it with the deep healing Plastic-wrap seems capable of bringing about in relationships. The proving includes 16 very full cases which illustrate the remedy very well - giving us a real feel for its relevance to patients in clinic. Very interesting, clear, and of great practical value.

ISBN: 9780956447203
Author: S. Deeks