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Revised edition of "Prozac Free" - including up-dated research on the latest anti-depressant drugs and their side-effects. Vivid  case histories from the authors' busy practice demonstrate how effective homeopathy can be in treating a wide-spectrum of depressive disorders ranging from anxiety to schizophrenia. They discuss the serious side-effects of drugs such as Prozac & others, and  their failure to treat the underlying causes of depression -  showing how effective homeopathic treatment can be without recourse to antidepressants. Unusual remedy choices ( for example - Bismuth, Hydrogen and Chocolate ) will be of interest to homeopaths - whilst those in the psycho-therapeutic field will find an inspiring alternative approach to conventional drug-based treatments. If you are yourself depressed; know someone who is - or treat depression, then this clear and uplifting book is a real must!

ISBN: 9783943309027
Author: J. Reichenberg-Ullman / R. Ullman

sku: BK1879