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Homeopathy - A Rational Choice In Medicine

sku: bk1677

Wonderful little book to recommend to all sorts: people who want to know what homoeopathy is and does; new patients; died-in-the-wool medical sceptics; professional homoeopaths who would like a well argued resource to quote from!

The author marshals his facts and arguments with commendable wit and brevity. He offers an easily digested overview of homoeopathic medicine, providing clear evidence to support its effectiveness and safety. He demonstrates the absurd chop-logic behind orthodox notions that homoeopathy's successes are merely placebo, dispelling myths and placing homoeopathy on a level playing field with conventional modern medicine.

You, the reader, are encouraged to think for yourself and not be influenced by media-driven scares, thereby enabling you to make rational, informed decisions about the best ways of becoming - and staying - well.

Highly recommended!

ISBN: 9780954476618
Author: M. Morrish