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Homeopathy For Radioactivity

sku: bk1833

Written in the recent aftermath of the Fukoshima nuclear disaster in Japan - and with some first-hand experiences gleaned from the homoeopaths who have treated trama victims there.

This book explores the focus of specific homoeopathic remedies for radiation etc. - such as X-ray, Plutonium, and Caesium - outlining the organs with which each has an affinity - together with their all-important mental-emotional state.

There is guidance on the Schuessler tissue salts, power juices to increase oxygenation of the blood, and special breathing exercises to calm and assist with detox.

A very helpful, positive and empowering book - whether for self-help or for treating patients in this challenging era.

ISBN: 9783941706729
Author: R. Sonnenschmidt