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Homeopathy Good Science

sku: bk1789


Thoughtful and clearly argued. Takes on the likes of Ben Goldacre and demonstrates not only that homeopathy has a basis in science - with many good studies to prove its effectiveness - but also how it can be argued that homeopathy is better science than a great deal of medical orthodoxy.

He shows how homeopathy incorporates much of the new physics - including complexity theory and the memory of water; that recent attacks on it come from a blinkered, reductionist approach embedded in a largely outmoded scientific system; how homeopathy's critics frequently put their own distorted spin on its ability to heal people and animals - and how it is in the financial interests of major pharmaceutical companies to have it suppressed - as happened in the last century.

But above all - that it DOES WORK! - with many successful studies showing this.

Have this book by your side. Read it. Imbibe its principles - and be ready to deter detractors!

ISBN: 0956569404
Author: P Adams