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Hope With Eating Disorders

sku: BK1953

This is a compassionate and very approachable guide written by the mother of an anorexic daughter who, finding very little help in the mainstream either within the NHS or private sectors, devoted her energy in helping her daughter herself. The result is this book, a totally cured daughter, and the author herself now qualified as an experienced counsellor specialising in eating disorders. Many myths around eating disorders are exploded (eg: the media-promoted image of the universally skeletal anorexic). She emphasises how, in all such disorders, the culprit is not the food intake itself, but the emotions that compel the sufferer to self-destruct with food, and how concentrating on food intake and weight alone is totally counterproductive. The key to cure is to treat each person individually, to uncover and listen compassionately to what fuels the behaviour, to not be judgemental and bossy, (the rhino approach - unfortunately adopted by many of the agencies in the field), but nudge-mental, like the dolphin, gently exploring what is going on with an open mind, reaching some consensus with the sufferer, and gently nudging him or her in the direction towards cure. She examines different types of eating disorder, including Bulimia, and the different approaches they require, and explores the marginalised issue of male eating disorders.
Some helpful complementary approaches such as Acupuncture and Reflexology are covered, alongside a number of different counselling techniques, including NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), and CBT (Cognitive  Behavioural Therapy). A list of U.K.charities, agencies and organisations in the field of eating disorders follows as a Resources section. If you are floundering as the carer of a loved one with an eating disorder, this practical guide will inform and help you.

ISBN: 9781848508927
Author: L. Crilly