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Hormones  - ( Balance Your )

sku: bk791

A complete and in-the- round look at problems associated with imbalanced hormones in women, and what to do about them in terms of prevention and cure. This renowned and extremely experienced nutritionist examines ways in which the body may become overloaded with the stress of synthetic hormones - causing breakdown in previously healthy systems, followed by disease. This problem is especially prevalent in modern, westernised societies - with our increase in chemicals, drugs, and synthetic hormones such as plastics, the birth control pill and HRT.
If you are currently experiencing symptoms, or wish to avoid getting sick, you will find detailed advice on how to eliminate problem hormones through diet, lifestyle change, supplementation, etc.
Very clear advice on a huge range of issues - including PMS, Polycystic ovaries, Menopause, Thyroid Dysfunction, and Chronic Fatigue. Whatever your health issue, here you will find guidance towards a happier, more energetic, healthy and balanced life.

ISBN: 9780749953393
Author: K. Neil & P. Holford