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Her own son recovered from autism under homeopathic treatment, prompting this NASA scientist to write a definitive and modern account of the history, power, suppression, and revival of homeopathy in the U.S.A. In it you will discover other semi-miraculous accounts of recovery from serious, long-term illness under homeopathic treatment; research into controversial subjects such as vaccination, and a description of the law of similars and law of cure: the twin mainstays of homeopathy. She examines how homeopathy is thought  to work, drawing on science and philosophy, and  gives interesting sample remedies highlighting particular themes ( for example - the cruelty and violence in Scorpion ). Statistical studies demonstrating the greater effectiveness of homeopathy over many other conventional methodologies challenge the blinkered views of orthodox medical sceptics. Her clear style, meticulous research, and lucid overview of a complex and frequently misunderstood subject make this an ideal book for people who wish to understand what homeopathy is. It will also speak to those with some understanding, but who wish to know more. Excellent - and recommended by many homeopathic colleges.

ISBN: 9780972751407
Author: A. Lansky, PhD

sku: bk1880