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Incognito Hair & Body Wash 200ml

sku: 855085


ncognito Hair & Body Wash

incognito hair & body wash is completely natural and in addition to cleansing & conditioning your hair this amazing product can also be used as a body wash or shower gel. Shampoo, conditioner & shower gel, Contains rare organic Java citronella, Significantly reduces kairomones, A small dab works from head to toe,

Paraban, GMO & detergent free. Not tested or derived from any animal which is why this product is registered with the Vegan society and carries the logo on every bottle.

aqua, tea tree oil, organic java citronella, neem, euphresia, korean ginseng, aloe vera, calendula, nettle, chlorophyll, jojoba, sandalwood, shikakai, reetha, sunflower wax, citronellol, citral, eugenol, geraniol and farnesol.