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sku: bk1712

NEW LOWER PRICE! Fascinating exploration of the way in which different remedy families / different remedies express an archetypal human feeling - a sense of insecurity. For example, resistance and childish stubbornness may be conveyed via the Aluminas, Magnesias, Calcareas or Barytas, whereas putting distance between themselves and others is a feature of the sea remedies. Every remedy is illustrated with a case and discussion of the various themes that flow from it. A checklist of Insecure themes (eg: "Fear of being unable to face his occupation") invites you, the reader, to note which remedies may apply once you have read and absorbed the text. This book gives a real feel for a very common and very human problem - and will greatly expand and up-date your awareness of the Materia Medica connected with it.

ISBN: 9783943309775
Author: M Mangliavori