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Insights into Veterinary Homeopathy

sku: bk2009

In this fascinating book, the author, an extremely experienced vet-homeopath explores and explains how to treat animals through, "Concepts, perceptions and interconnections...emotion and feeling; accessing the subconscious..." and "Meeting our patients at the level of the heart".
He is as lucid about the principles of homeopathy and the new physics thought to underlie them, as he is about how to understand animal behaviour and apply this to a miasm or remedy. He describes the process of transference and counter-transference that can occur between an animal and its owner. He also relates veterinary homeopathy to more recent developments, such as the kingdoms method employed by Sankaran, and Scholten's concept of the periodic table.
He investigates the remedies according to their kingdoms. There is, for example an entire chapter devoted to the Lac's, and he explains a bird-watching term, "Jizz", in relation to acquiring an instant grasp of what kingdom an animal might need a remedy from according to its species, appearance and personality. He discusses the issue of Euthanasia, and ways in which homeopathy can assist animals to die in a peaceful, non-medicalised way. He even includes a chapter on how to meditate - a practice which he advocates to enhance mindfulness and more intuitive prescribing! This is a lovely, heart-warming, very interesting, wise and informative read - whether you are new to homeopathy, or have been practising over many years.

ISBN: 9781908127068
Author: P. Gregory