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Into the Periodic Table (Second Series)

sku: bk1474

Distillation of seminar in which the author's understanding of second series elements in the periodic table enhances and expands on Scholten's work - the accent being on problems or issues relating to structure. Drawing also from the Bombay shool, and the work of Sankaran, Jayesh gives many cases illustrating the core issue within each of the remedies, and the unique way in which it relates to the patient's core.
The central concern of the element kingdom: one of structure and organisation versus disintegration within the material world was dramatically highlighted by the shattering experience of the seminar itself, which was held next door to the twin towers as they disintegrated on 9/11. The shock-waves from this cataclysm, and the insights it gave to Jayesh permeate the text.
Remedies covered: Hydrogen, Lithium carb, Lithium mur, Lithium phos, Lithium, Beryllium, Baryta Mur, Boron, Carb-ac, Essence of Carbon, Carb-an, Carb-veg, Carbo-Hydrogenisatum, Oxygen, Ozone, and Nitrogen.

ISBN: 3980962601
Author: J. Shah