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Juice Lady's Guide To Juicing For Health

sku: BK2053

Nutritionist and juicing expert is the juice lady of the title - but this very helpful guide   is also for men!
In this encyclopaedic but easy to follow book, Calbom distils the latest scientific research regarding nutrition, giving dietary recommendations, suggested supplements, lifestyle tips, and the type of juices that will help each condition. Complaints are summarised and alphabetically listed,, along with recommended treatment protocols. Recipes and suggestions for special elimination diets (eg: fruit fast, liver cleanse, gallbladder flush) are included,  and there is a list of resources and further reading at the back. Whatever your condition, it is likely to be vastly improved by the incorporation of the appropriate healthy juices in your diet! Extremely useful, clear and positive advice towards restoring health and vitality.

ISBN: 9781583333174
Author: C. Calbom M.S.