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Sub-titled "Broadening the Homeopathic Horizon", this work will certainly broaden your prescribing skill in therapeutics! Its author, who practises in west Bengal, India, seeing on average 100 patients a day, describes his own unique clinical approach. This consists in acutely observing patients (for example - if you have serrated teeth that narrows the field considerably - to perhaps one of 8 remedies), looking at the condition ( for example asthma, menopausal problems, etc ) and some keynotes of a few remedies to clinch your final choice. His knowledge of pathology, experience with serious disease such as cancer, description of organ support, sarcodes, and Indian herbs, make this an invaluable reference work for anyone dealing with pathology.

ISBN: 9789380355931
Author: Dr. S. Sarkar

sku: BK1914