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Kundalini And The Chakras

sku: bk671

This book gives detailed instructions on the chakras and their position within the 7 bodies - from etheric through to divine. It contains some fascinating insights into the nature of spiritual development; for instance, on the importance of opening the "Will to live well" heart chakra in advance of the "Compassion" heart chakra, so as not to become drained - (many therapists would do well to heed this).

There are exercises on chakras you didn't know you had, emphasising the importance of preliminary cleansing; advice on activating the higher chakras in advance of the lower so that energy doesn't become stuck; an overview of the increasing frequency of spontaneous kundalini release, and how to harness the incredible power of this energy until you ready to integrate it.

ISBN: 0875425925
Author: G. Lewis Paulson