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Liver And Gallbladder - Acquired Authority

sku: bk1744

How much we and our patients take their health for granted is reflected in the way we treat our liver. Do we spend our evenings, for example, anaesthetised by alcohol and rich food, in front of the TV, or in pursuit of creative activities? The author gives a humorous and varied account of the liver's many faceted influence on the richness or impoverishment of our lives. She discusses this huge organ's impact in terms of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the 4 Humours, Homoeopathy, detoxification, and diet. She shows how suppression of the liver's natural energy can result in a wide range of problems, including low self-esteem and rheumatism - and explores ways in which we can take back our true personal power and authority - as embodied by a healthy liver and gall bladder. This is a very interesting and truly holistic account - drawing from Zen Buddhism and demonstrating, by the symbolism of the liver organ, its strong relationship with other vital aspects: the eyes and the heart. Fascinating, very useful, beautifully presented and illustrated. Would make a lovely present.

ISBN: 9783941706132
Author: R. Sonnenschmidt