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LM Potencies

sku: bk79

The use of LM potencies in your homeopathic practice is likely to lessen aggravations, especially in skin conditions. They allow gentle repetition of slow, deep-acting remedies such as Lycopodium and Calc-carb in long-standing chronic complaints where there is low vitality. They work well where symptoms have been suppressed - for example by medical drugs, and in highly sensitive patients. They seem to cause far less aggravation for those with mental health issues and they can be used to help palliate incurable cases without aggravation. In this collection of articles about LM's you will learn how they were discovered by Hahnemann; how to prepare them for your patients; indications of a favourable or less favourable response to an LM, and when to change the dose or remedy. Cases and individual practitioners' experiences with these potencies are included - as is a checklist of what you will need in order to embark on treating your patients with LM's.
Informative and practical booklet for the professional homeopath or student.

ISBN: 0951572512
Author: R. Barker