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Marma Therapy

sku: bk2080

Marma Therapy is an ancient Ayurvedic tradition. Marmas were described by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (who died in 2008)  as "Cosmic switchboards, the human organism's cosmic control panels". There are major and a network of minor ones, flowing along Nadis, all connected, of course, to the seven major Chakras.
In this very interesting and well illustrated guide you will learn where these Marmas are, and how to treat problems with them through simple massage, which can be either self-administered, or given as a treatment to another. Every area (or Marma) is linked both to local problems as well as to issues in other areas of the body/mind. The calf Marma, for example, which is known as "Indrabasti", can be linked to calf cramps and pain, as well as to sexual dysfunction, prostate problems, and mental dullness. The wrist Marma (or Manibhanda) can be linked not only to general joint pain, but to issues such as insomnia, tinnitus and mental fatigue.
There is a discussion of Yoga Postures, Ayurvedic oils, and Mudras (Hand gestures) that support healing. Very clear, helpful, and informative guide.

ISBN: 9781848192966
Author: Dr. E. Schrott Dr.J. Ramanuja & S. Schrott