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Materia Medica New Homeopathic Remedies

sku: bk46

Originally published in the 1970's, and not to be confused with more recently developed remedies (eg: Jeremy Sher's "Dynamic Provings"; Meditative Provings of the Guild of Homoeopaths; Sankaran, Scholten and others!) This is a rich collection of over 100 new (ish) remedies (a lot of them drug or organ-based, like Histamine, B.C.G - Vaccine, Cortisone, Parathyroid hormone). Most have been Hahnemannially proved or confirmed though clinical use. A detailed clinical repertory is provided at the end. There is a bibliography for each remedy together with chemical information. Fascinating and useful.

ISBN: 0906584116
Author: Dr. O. Julian

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