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Medical Homoeopathy

sku: bk1496

The book for homoeopaths and homoeopathic students. Its author has lectured extensively on Human Sciences at homoeopathic colleges in over a decade.

Each chapter details a specific body system (eg: Cardiovascular) and contains a recap of its anatomy and physiology, pathology, conventional, homoeopathic, and, (where appropriate), adjunctive treatment.

The benefits in having such a tool at your fingertips are great. For example, if someone comes to you with a stomach ulcer, you can refer quickly to the relevant section of the chapter on the Digestive System. This will give symptoms, conventional drugs used and side effects, and suggested homoeopathic remedies. This could save a lot of time repertorising or reading up other wordy therapeutic manuals.

Finally- in the author's own words: "My hope for this book is that it will get dirty, scruffy, written in, and generally dog-eared from overuse. It is intended as a working tool and as a useful, comprehensive reference." Save your eyesight and patience: Buy one today!!!

ISBN: 0955098602
Author: S. Smith