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Method (the)

sku: BK1926

There are many different approaches to practising homeopathy - confusing to the student and practitioner! The author, himself a very experienced homeopath, teacher and lecturer, examines and celebrates this diversity - with contributions from colleagues in the field. Chapters cover these prescribing styles:Totality, Constitutional, Vital Sensation (ie: Sankaran), Miasmatic, Group Analysis (Scholten), Eizayaga, Keynote, Isopathy, Tautopathy, Organopathy, and Polypharmacy. The author emphasises the importance of being open-minded in your own particular approach to practice, showing how different approaches can be more appropriate according to the nature of the individual patient or even the country you practise in! Lucid and informative. 

ISBN: 9782874910210
Author: A Gray