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Miasms As Practical Tools

sku: bk1544

Vet. author spans animal & human species - with case histories - presenting a potential model for understanding the difficult subject of miasms in chronic disease. He examines the history and development of Hahnemann's three main miasms - with a brief discussion of the newer ones. He describes the way in which disease becomes chronic through suppression - giving examples. Hahnemann's three main miasms are described in detail - and the various remedies and nosodes associated with them, including the bowel nosodes. Throughout, he gives examples of how you might apply miasmatic behaviour to animals - eg: the behaviour of the sycotic miasm could be reflected in the dog that barks to copy another dog. This is a classic text - with a great deal of very useful, useable, clear information for student homeopathic vets as well as human-oriented homeopathic practitioners.

ISBN: 0906584582
Author: J. Saxton