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Miasms & Nosodes

sku: bk1729

Absolutely fascinating study of some 30 nosodes - (some newly proved by the author) - containing much additional or completely new information drawn from his clinical practice - such as the almost inevitable need for Gaertner in cases of Samonella poisoning - or the usefulness of the Johneinum nosode in Crohn's. Then there are the descriptions of mental/emotional traits - like the conflict experienced in Diphtherinum between an attachment to traditional family values, and a desire to accept new ideas in order to "Fit in" - thus leading to a core sensation of vocal paralysis. Children in need of Bacillinum are observed as being more intermittently rebellious and "Less persistently aggressive and loud than we might see in a Tub. Bovinum child". These and many other insightful observations and therapeutic tips will help you and your patients.

ISBN: 9783939931683
Author: L. Klein