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Miasms of The New Millennium

sku: bk1951

Ten miasms examined with great clarity and detail by these two master homeopaths. They describe the four Hahnemannian miasms, (Acute, Psora, Syphilinum, Medorrhinum), along with more recent ones, (Carcinosin, Tuberculinum, and Leprosinum), plus the even newer three miasms  researched by Sankaran, (Typhoid, Malaria and Ringworm).
Selected cases from each kingdom, (Animal, Plant, and Mineral), illustrate each miasm, and tables of remedies linked with each miasm, (again, according to Kingdom), make the choice of prescribing much simpler. For example, the Ringworm Miasm has 15 remedies listed under the Mineral Kingdom (including Graphites); 20 under the Plant Kingdom (including Viola Tricolor); one under the Animal Kingdom (Lac Humanum), plus the Ringworm nosode itself.
There is an examination of each Miasm's main themes, with  clear headings of key issues. This gives the prescriber a very clear map of how to recognise it, linking its main themes with the patient's language and story. In Syphilis, for example, it is common to find a theme of darkness or blackness - from the heavy depression of the patient's Being, through his own description of dark despair, to secretions or skin discolourations which  are actually black.
A very interesting and user-friendly guide to the miasms, including the modern miasms as explored and researched by Sankaran.

ISBN: 056358685-0
Author: N. Herrick / R. Morrison