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Nerdy, Shy, And Socially Inappropriate

sku: BK2014

The author, with Aspergers herself - and only diagnosed aged 42 - describes what it is like to be on the spectrum. She writes with stunning honesty, insight, and humour about the difficulties and talents being a high-functioning Aspie have created in her. She explores the different ways in which females present, and their consequent under-diagnosis. She examines the special challenges of being a wife and motherhood, and how she, her daughter and husband, have together achieved compromises over her lack of emotional expression and many problems concerning social interaction. The strengths of the Asperger personality are also investigated. Whilst everybody is individual and will express their character with their own unique emphasis, these are amongst the more posiitive traits that she identifies in herself: Non-judgementalism, Loyalty, Seeking the Truth, Curiosity, Sincerity, Unorthodox problem-solving, Optimism, and a well developed moral/ ethical sense.

ISBN: 9781849057578
Author: C. Kim