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New Model For Health & Disease

sku: bk1415

The rise and rise in recent years of increasingly serious new incidences of chronic disease: AIDS, Allergies, Candida, Chronic fatigue, Alzheimers - to name but a few - is examined by this master homeopath. He suggests that the overuse of prescription drugs - especially antibiotics - has disastrously affected human immunity. He further recommends that governments and other responsible authorities awaken to the problem and take steps to implement policies whereby holistic health models - such as those used by homeopathy, osteopathy, herbalism, etc. - are adopted in lieu of the drugs deployed by the pharmaceutical industry. This was written in 1986. Its message is more pressing and relevant than ever - and the ears it was meant to engage have grown ever deafer. Read - laugh cynically, weep in despair - your choice!

ISBN: 1556430876
Author: G. Vithoulkas