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Obtaining Optimum Health

sku: bk1781

We now live in a soup of electrical, radio and mobile phone waves; are exposed to environmental toxins such as heavy metals and pesticides; maybe poisoned by the effects of having mercury fillings; or hormones, parasites and other nasties in the water; some of us eat junk food and spend far too long in front of computers and / or the TV. Electromagnetic or environmental stress affects us all.

No wonder, then, that there are so many unexplained maladies such as chronic fatigue, sleeplessness, headaches, multiple allergies, and so on. This very practical guide examines the myriad causes and symptoms, and explains what to do to help yourself and / or your patients.

ISBN: 9781874581093
Author: R.Dyson/R.Francis/J.Ragnhei ardóttir