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Oh Sugar!

sku: BK2031

"When a fruit yoghurt contains more sugar than ice-cream and a cereal bar is sweeter than chocolate, you know something's gone badly wrong with our diets", is the opening to  this slim little guide which tells you just about everything you ever needed to know about the evils of sugar! The author doesn't advocate totally cutting out sugar to start with. Instead she shows how you can  gradually but radically decrease your consumption to the maximum of 6 teaspoons a day advocated  by the World Health Organisation in 2014, (This being less than the amount of sugar found in one 50g chocolate bar or a can of fizzy drink).
She describes the massive amount of sugar hidden in items like bread, cereal, condiments, etc, and how to work out easily from food labels the amount of teaspoonfuls of sugar contained within a particular product; she describes ways that unscrupulous manufacturers hide their total sugar hit, and how to unscramble this dishonest practice yourself by decoding the label.
Loads of advice on much healthier sugar substitutes; how to re-educate your palate, suggested recipes for healthy eating, and how to encourage your kids towards low or no-sugar eating. This is a massively informative, very concise, clear as well as entertaining guide towards a much healthier lifestyle.

ISBN: 9781849536677
Author: K. Bassford