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One Cause, Many Ailments (Leaky Gut)

sku: BK2064

Leaky gut (a condition in which the villi of the small intestine become permeable, allowing toxins to leak into the circulation) can underlie many conditions. It is barely recognised in mainstream medicine, and is hard to detect. This Chiropractic Physician from New Jersey has over 40 years' experience with leaky gut, explaining symptoms and self-help measures especially dietary. Impressively, many cured cases of stubborn conditions (especially Eczema and Psoriaisis) are described - with accompanying before and after photographs. Other complaints such as Coeliac disease, Arthritis, Scleroderma, Candida, Autism, Allergies, MS, and problems with general immunity, are discussed in relation to this approach. If you have an intractable chronic condition (skin or other) that has failed to respond to medication / complementary approaches - this book could very well help you. Clear, informative and empowering advice from an expert in the field.

ISBN: 9780876045732
Author: Dr. J. Pagano