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One Heart, One Mind

sku: BK2105

This experienced homeopath here presents 18 cases of children on the autistic spectrum, and/or suffering from PANDAS ( Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorder  - associated with Strep. infections ).
Uniquely, he uses a process of surrogacy in which the parent (usually the mother) expresses herself as her child: an approach which not only overcomes the child's own problems with language and communication, but also taps deeply into a universal nerve connecting parent and child: one which reveals the essence of what needs healing, leading to the prescription of the appropriate homeopathic remedy. The outcome of these cases is compelling testament to the success of such an approach. The book is written to show parents of ASD children in particular that homeopathy can be used to help overcome, mitigate, and even reverse symptoms. it will also be of great interest to the homeopathic practitioner.

ISBN: 9781514333617
Author: P. Fontaine