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Over Dominant Essence For Pets 30ml Bioforce

sku: pet-od

New!! Blend of flower essences for pets.
Indications for use: to provide balance for the naturally head-strong, stroppy and stubborn animal. It is also suggested for those animals that have a tendency to show jealous, impulsive, barging or snapping behaviour and are generally unmanageable. This blend can help to change such defensive tendencies and develop new, more co-operative ways.
Directions for use:
Small animals (e.g. Birds, hamsters etc.) 4 drops in food/water 3 times daily until bottle is finished.
Medium animals (cats, dogs, rabbits) 7 drops, 3 times daily until bottle finished.
Large animals (e.g. Horses) 12 drops, 3 times daily until bottle finished.
If animal is pregnant or lactating seek professional advice. No known side effects. Can be used for all animals. If the animal is not eating or drinking, put drops directly in the mouth.
Ingredients: Bluebell, Chamomile, Cherry Plum, Chestnut Bud, Chicory, Holly, Impatiens, Mimulus, Vervain, Vipers Bugloss, Vine, Walnut., Alcohol Content 27%,