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Overcoming Weight Problems

sku: BK2019

Boost your motivation to begin and stick to a weight-loss regime. Then examine and put into practice how to do it! This book uses tried and tested cognitive behavioural techniques which address self-defeating behaviours and shows you how to turn these around, to your advantage. Includes advice on choosing the best diet, how to negotiate the potential pitfalls of supermarket labelling, and long-term strategies such as portion control and regular exercise. The thorny problems of how to defuse the power of abusive comments when you do exercise if you are very overweight, and how to deal with sabotaging behaviour from family members, are addressed sympathetically and with practical examples. When you do reach - or nearly reach, your ideal weight, there is a whole chapter entitled "Keeping It Going". This book doesn't purport to provide easy, quick-fix solutions to weight-loss, unlike so many which hold this out as a mirage leading to Yo-Yo dieting. It advocates slow, steady weight reduction plus  exercise - the only way to achieve long-term weight-loss, and it certainly gives you the tools to achieve this. Helpful, practical, motivational!

ISBN: 9781845290689
Author: J. Gauntlett-Gilbert / C. Grace