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Plant Intelligence and The Imaginal Realm

sku: BK1944

An exploration of the natural world, of which we are part, but so often feel ourselves to be apart, if not alienated, from. The author takes as his starting-point our own way of interpreting what we sense. In some - the gifted, the hallucinogised, the mad, the traumatised - the gateways of perception are so wide open the individual is  flooded with stimuli - leading to very different outcomes, depending on the person involved. The author takes you on a wide-ranging journey, through microscopic cell biology, neurological research, poetry. philosophy, music, literature and art. Quoting extensively from writers such as Aldous Huxley, Blake, and Goethe, and drawing from the experiences of influential figures such as Elizabeth Kubbler-Ross, he is passionate about exploding some of the narrow-minded Shibboleths that separate us from each other as well as from the wondrous, unifying quality of the natural world. An experiential voyage in which you are in danger of becoming extremely enlightened, as well as aware of how to attune your finer feelings to sense the golden thread of light that pervades all living, sentient beings. A wonderful, uplifting and inspiring read by a great outside-the-box Thinker.

ISBN: 9781591431350
Author: S. Buhner