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Four volumes in slip-box presentation format by these 2 master homeopaths. Details over 2000 individual plant remedies classified in 150 botanic families.  Drawing on a wealth of information from provings, clinical observations, herbal uses, folklore mythology, botany, personal accounts, toxicology and other sources, the authors weave an in-depth, coherent picture of each botanic family and its members. Each family's themes and organ system affinities are discussed, supported by the plants' chemical composition, physiological and pharmacological effects. In addition, for each plant remedy, the number of rubrics in modern repertories are identified as well as its phytochemical composition, official and common names, botanical descriptions and distribution. A phenomenal reference work of scholarly research!

ISBN: 9780955906596
Author: F. Vermeulen / L. Johnston

sku: BK1842

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