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Portraits Of Homeopathic Medicines Vol 3

sku: bk170

Further explorations of Materia Medica with comparisons between literature and remedies paint Mr. Rochester's, (Jane Eyre), suicidal tendencies as typically Aurum; Dante's placement of his enemies in Hell as a Thuja device, and Graphites' preoccupation with intellect versus emotion as caught between the two opposing, destructive forces of Scylla  and Charybdis. In-depth studies of Aurum-met, Thuja, Causticum and Graphites. This most readable of homeopaths further explores the relationship of various remedies according to the themes of: suspicion, clairvoyance, generosity, and indifference - displaying her characteristic blend of cultivation, learning and wit. (See also BK 55 and BK 56).

ISBN: 1576260917
Author: C. Coulter