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Potters Cough Remover, 150ml

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Potter's Vegetable Cough Remover contains soothing herbs that calm the mucus lining the bronchioles. It also has an expectorant action to break down phlegm and mucus and help eliminate it. Suitable from 12 years old. Not recommended in early pregnancy or children under 12 years old. For best effects, use with hot water to maximise the breakdwon of mucus.

Two 5ml teaspoonful three times a day.

Each 5ml of mixture contains: Black cohosh 5mg lpecacuaha BP 6.5mg lobelia BP 12mg pleurisy root 12mg scullcap 12.5mg liquid extract elecampane (1:1, 21% alcohol) 0.075ml liquid extract horehound (1:1, 21% alcohol) 0.1ml liquid extract hyssop (1:1, 21% alcohol) 0.075ml.

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