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Practical Handbook of Homeopathy

sku: BK1583

Teacher and highly experienced homeopath gives guidance on selecting remedies according to body systems - (eg: bones, muscles, sinews - or problems like childhood complaints or emotional trauma).
It is currently unique to its genre of self-help guide in outlining some uses of the modern Guild remedies such as  Amethyst, Ayahuasca, Emerald, Lotus, Lumbricus, Sandalwood, Sycamore Seed and White Chestnut Flower.
Most usefully, advises on Bach Flower remedies & outlines symptoms and treatments of some common but less well-known conditions such as Osgood-Schlatter disease.
The limits of self-help treatment are  outlined and emphasised - with  red-line  symptoms, (such as  those for a stroke), clearly defined.
He also discusses  the vital role  of the professional homeopath in constitutional treatment of deep-seated and/or chronic complaints - a chapter being devoted to the management of difficult children.
Excellent, modern, extremely clear, & very informative guide.

ISBN: 9781905857593
Author: C. Griffith