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Principles & Practice Of Homeopathy

sku: bk1641

Comprehensive textbook providing a detailed, practical and thorough basis for the understanding and application of the homeopathic process.
Drawing from a wealth of contributors and divided into 6 sections, it unfolds from basic principles thro' the treatment of acute and chronic illnesses, the first prescription, and difficult, confused, and hidden cases.
It also covers comparatively recent methodology such as Sankaran and Scholten - giving a very clear explanation of Sankaran's miasms, and Scholten's series and stages on the periodic table.
Each section progresses through five themes, broadly divided into philosophy, materia medica, case analyses and case management which are woven together so as to build into an essential study guide for the homeopathic student. There are many opportunities for reflection, inviting all practitioners to engage in their own personal and  professional development. Excellent study guide.

ISBN: 9781848192652
Author: D. Owen