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6 Hahnemannian-style provings from the Irish school, as conducted by Nuala Eising, its head: an inspired and inspirational homeopath.
Broadband (communication / confusion / disconnection);
Granite (anger, dispossession & invasion, ancient guilt, radioactivity);
Marble (feline / charming / beautiful /selfish & haughty / radioacitivity);
Limestone (sea / nature / self-absorption / dissolving / boundaries /loquacity);  Sandstone (fitting-in / freedom / creativity & wildness / Lions & other animals);
Vacuum (the void, chaos and creation, & constant repetition of this cycle).
Detailed description of the Hahnemannian methodology of the provings, and Nuala's amazing series of dreams, which prompted them, are incorporated, making fascinating reading about the journey - or indeed pilgrimage - of conducting a homeopathic proving. Required and inspired reading for all aspiring provers and students of the homeopathic method!

ISBN: 9789076189437
Author: N. Eising

sku: bk1893