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Steve Biddulph, internationally renowned author/psychologist shares his research, wit and the ancient wisdom of Plutarch, that: "The young are not vessels to be filled, they are fires to be lit!"
Girls today are under immense pressure from society to conform and lose themselves - through unrealistic expectations about body image, fashion, sex, drugs, alcohol and friends -  in order to fit in with their perceived peer groups.  This pressure is perhaps worse than it has ever been - with the increase in social media networking and more and more greedy corporate business specifically targeting prepubescent girls with advertising. In his lively, friendly and engaging style, Steve shows how we can help as parents, teachers, extended family and friends, to reverse the trend now damaging so many young girls.
By recognising and acknowledging the 5 stages of childhood that girls go through and by really listening to our daughters, we can help them become the stable, friendly, fun-loving, happy and confident women that is their birthright.

ISBN: 9780007455669
Author: S. Biddulph

sku: BK1882